Dylan McLeod

Over the last decade, arts and culture organisations have adopted technologies to deepen engagement with and attract new audiences, conduct research, enhance their outputs and improve operational efficiency. A range of conventional digital technologies are used for these purposes across the sector.

You will see in this quest organisations and artists use technologies to enhance analogue content, like using audio-visual media in theatre, and to create new digital content. Some emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality used to create and enhance content. By improving your coding skills, you can play a huge role in the future of the art and music industry.

Music and art are important sectors within our modern day society. The teaching and acknowledgment of the importance of the creative sector as an integral part of human development, can lead to the creation of new and innovative solutions to some of the worlds most complex problems. Over the 3 difficulty levels in this project, different styles of art and music will be explored in the context of coding and computer science, leading to 3 separate, fully developed projects.


Weston M

In the beginners section there will be a focus on turtle graphics and creating a signature using graphical artwork, which can be added onto any graphical design in python.


In order to complete this task you will need to go to the resources section and find the document titled: Python beginner- initials and follow the instrcutions from slide two onwards.

You are encouraged to look through the resources section and find the link on The Reskilling Revolution: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Education for a Billion People by 2030 this World Economic Forum document looks at The Reskilling Revolution which essentially is a scheme to future-proof workers from technological change and help economies by providing new skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This programme highlights the importance of women learning how to code; this is still an untapped area.



Making any career change can be scary as you’re unsure of whether you will be financially stable and be able to do the job successfully. Learning to code helps take away a lot of that worry, with its salary potential and job growth prospects. And, as you have seen in this quest learning to code may not be as hard as you think. You can start off by learning some of the easier programme first as you did in this quest.

You have completed this section of the music and art sector and have created your initials using turtle graphics. You are ready to move on to the intermediate level…

Learning Objectives

  • In this activity there will be a focus on turtle graphics and creating a signature using graphical artwork, which can be added onto any graphical design in python.
  • You will develop enhanced communication skills. Coders must be able to communicate clearly to their team, colleagues, and clients.
  • Implement programming knowledge to real-life application
  • You will develop empathy to comprehend and be sensitive to other people’s needs and emotions.
  • You will develop logic practice through code. You become increasingly analytical by dissecting existing programs to understand the process to achieve the solution through written code.