Digital technology has led to new kinds of creative communities online that are making it easier for people with artistic skills to develop technological skills. There are also new forms of creation based around open-source software and online markets/platforms for digital designs in areas such as computer graphics and 3D printing.

While much of the use of digital technology in this area is done at scale involving large teams of people, the digital revolution is also expanding the potential for individuals to be creative. High quality music production and photo editing on laptops has been possible for some time, and the range of what is possible is growing, with increasing sophistication of software and processing power allowing small teams to pull off ever more technically impressive projects in computer games and visual effects. Digital markets and open source communities have sprung up online making it easier for people to learn, share, collaborate and trade digital-related artistic activity in new ways. This democratisation of creative potential is allowing more and more people to find media in which they can express themselves. This is an exciting period for migrant women returners to upskill themselves and play a part in this sector.

Music and art are important sectors within our modern day society. The teaching and acknowledgment of the importance of the creative sector as an integral part of human development, can lead to the creation of new and innovative solutions to some of the worlds most complex problems. Over the 3 difficulty levels in this project, different styles of art and music will be explored in the context of coding and computer science, leading to 3 separate, fully developed projects.



In the intermediate section there will be a focus on tessellating shapes, such as honeycombs in a bee hive, using turtle graphics.


In order to complete this task you will find the instrcutions in the resources section under documents. Open the document titled: Python intermediate- tesselating shapes (honeycomb). Follow the instructions from slide three onwards.

You are encoraged to look through the resources section and read the document titled: What Makes Sweden So Great for Working Women this will provide you with insightful information on what good working condition for women should look like and what pay, maternity pay/leave and training you should expect from your employers. All these factors are very important when yo are planning your return back to work.

In the resources secion atch the video titled Employability skills – have you got them? this gives you a short overview of the some of the key skills such as communication, critical thinking and building your confidence, skills which are necessary in order to secure or progress in jobs.



Learning to code has well and truly made it into the mainstream, meaning that anyone can learnyou just need concentration, patience, and diligence. Learning to code is more than just learning a computer languageit’s about creating an effective and productive mindset towards problem-solving that will positively affect any new intellectual endeavor you take on.


You have completed your very own tessellation program. You are ready to move on to the advanced level…

Learning Objectives

  • You should have confidently been able to import a library into Python,
  • You should be confident in using subroutines to create regular shapes.
  • You should be comfortable using angles to navigate through regular shapes,
  • You should be confident in manipulating the speed and colour within a turtle graphics program.
  • In this activity there will be a focus on tessellating shapes, such as honeycombs in a bee hive, using turtle graphics.
  • You develop problem solving.
  • You will develop ability to undertake abstract thinking, the ability to think about objects, principles, and ideas that are not physically present.