Zach Key

 The future of art and music in the digital era also focuses on other content streams in order to get more exposure for up-and-coming artists or musicians focused on reinventing their sound or brand. There are plenty of innovators in the industry looking toward the key role music will play in the future and how audiences will continue to shape the trends.

The real opportunity for those working in the art and music industry now is it’s not just record label executives who will drive the business in the future. It’s a collaboration from multiple sources that’ll define why a song, musician, album, or art piece will succeed where others fail. The opportunities are never-ending!

Music and art are important sectors within our modern day society. The teaching and acknowledgment of the importance of the creative sector as an integral part of human development, can lead to the creation of new and innovative solutions to some of the worlds most complex problems. In the previous two levels of basic and intermediate difficulty levels in this project, different styles of art and music were explored in the context of coding and computer science, leading to two separate, fully developed projects. In this advanced section there will be a focus on game design and editing a template in order to complete a game as well as to adapt and personalise it in order to develop the skill set required to make your very own, original scratch game.



Kelly Sikkema

This game will be a competition game where two cars will compete to collect the most gems and win the game. - use this link on YouTube to view how the game should be played!


In order to complete this task you will be required to watch the Youtube video advanced scratch game- music and art - to view how the game should be played. You will find step by step guidance in the document titled: Scratch advanced- race game. Look from slide four onwards and follow the instructions.



Knowledge of computer programming is a valuable employment asset. As technology continues to weave into our daily lives, coding skills will become more desired among candidates several of the most in-demand skills fall under computing.


You have completed this section of the music and art sector You are have completed all three level and should now be able to build your own programme with confidence!

Learning Objectives

  • In this activity you will learn the adavance features of scratch to do game design and editing a template in order to complete a game as well as to adapt and personalise it in order to develop the skill set required to make your own original scratch game
  • Code helps learners to become creators of digital artifacts rather than simply being consumers
  • You will develop empathy to comprehend and be sensitive to other people’s needs and emotions.
  • You will develop enhanced communication skills. Coders must be able to communicate clearly to their team, colleagues, and clients.
  • Learning to code is like learning how to read and write in a different medium – it enables you with creative and expressive power.
  • You develop problem solving. You must be aware of and apply appropriate coding skills for different requirements or scenarios.