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Well done for gettingthis far, you are at the advanced level. Here you will be introduced to advance Scratch coding which will help you develop a further understanding how coding is used in Hospitals.

In Scratch, the way you interact with your program is through sprites.

Sprites are objects within your program that you can interact with – you can change the way they act using scripts.

In the template you have been given, many of the sprites have already been given basic scripts, such as the buttons.

In addition to learning these technical sklills you will have enhanced the following other skills such as computational thinking; problem-solving skills; creativity; and self-expression. To help you understand your role in this sector please visit How to Use Technology in Medicine to Improve Your Practice as it gives you an insight into how technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. This includes new medical discoveries, the way we now perform surgery, and even the accelerated development of the COVID-19 vaccine, show just how far modern research, equipment, and treatments are coming. For example, who would have thought that it will be possible for your operations to be assisted by robots. There are also many smaller medical technological changes that improve medical practices that keep your patients comfortable instead of scaring them off with radical upgrades, and help to attract and retain new patients long term. it is man working with machine to achieve successful harmony.


Task Pixabay

In this example we will code a project, which replicates a simple Hospital Management System, used by Doctors and Nurses.

This project will help you develop an understanding how coding is used in Hospitals.

As part of the activity participants will design a software in which the nurse/hospital staff will be able to generate a bill for the patient and discharge the patient.

If you haven’t finished the intermediate section of this project, you can find the code


In order to complete this task, please follow the instructions in the document titled 'Scratch Advanced - Process' in the resources section. The instructions start from slide 5.

The document in the resources section from the UK National Health Service What will new technology mean for the NHS and its patients? gives you a perspective of technological trends for now and the future. While it focuses on the UK the topics discussed are universal and reflective of most countries across Europe if not the world. This is a useful document as it gives you better understanding of the market place. 

Migrant women represent disproportionately high shares of workers in health care, many of who play a significant role in frontline roles working as doctors, registered nurses, and pharmacists. Migrants women are overrepresented among certain health-care occupations. So there is much scope for you to find a role within this sector.

You will also find the attched videos useful. As they both introduce the basis and benfits of a 'smart' hospitals based on the use of technology, and the fragility of healthcare systems and how clinics and hospitals benefit from a top-to-bottom overhaul with digital health leading the way.





Congratulations! You have completed the hospital management system.
By the end of this lesson, you will have learnt how to generate a bill and discharge a patient, adding to what you learnt in the 2 earlier sessions. Your project should look like (Use this if you get stuck)

If you want you can now begin the Python level, to understand a more advance level of Coding.

Just remember there are few skills as in demand today as the ability to code. While coding used to be a skill that was only used in a handful of very computer specific jobs, that’s no longer the case. Instead, almost anyone from an accountant to a zoologist can benefit from having a working knowledge of programming.

Scratch is a great tool for developing the programming skills of learners, since it allows all manner of different programs to be built. In order to help develop the knowledge and understanding that go with these skills though, it’s important to be familiar with some key programming concepts that underpin the Scratch programming environment and are applicable to any programming language. Please see the link titled 'Using Scratch to Learn Programming Concepts' within the resources section to read more.


Learning Objectives

  • Develop and understanding of how coding and technology is used in hospitals
  • Designed a software in which the nurse/hospital staff will be able to; a) admit a patient, b) see the occupied and vacant bed lists, c) add expenses, show all expenses, d) Generate a bill for the patient, e) Discharge the patient.
  • Learnt Scratch coding
  • Gained experience in using Scratch
  • Used coding to generate a bill for a patient and discharge a patient
  • Inquiry-Based Learning, learning by asking questions, which is a higher order thinking skill. This skill not only applies to coding, but also it transfers to other aspects of their life as well.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills - Coding is nothing if not finding a problem and solving it. There is even a name for doing that type of work: debugging.
  • Pattern recognition, this will cause them to code future projects faster, as working with similar patterned code blocks will be second nature to them.
  • Self-discovery will begin to discover what type of code they enjoy working with the most.
  • Patience and persistence to finish course
  • Improved teamwork by working with others in the group