Industrial cleaner
Industrial cleaner
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Congratulations for completing the basic level of the Cleaning Management System project!

In this quest we will continue the cleaning management system project by adding two more features: Book New Clients and Manage Houses.

This quest will help you develop an understanding of how coding is used in the cleaning industry and how the emergence of new technologies is impacting the industry. In other words, you will learn how to use and develop your IT skills and competencies in the cleaning industry, as the digital transition is already impacting businesses, especially in customer relations and back-office management.

 Acquiring coding competences contributes to empower women returners in their personal development.


In this example we will code a project which replicates the management system for a Cleaning Company.

This project will help you develop an understanding how coding is used in cleaning businesses. As part of the activity participants will design a software in which the cleaning staff will be able to:

a) View Houses to Clean

b) View Cleaned Houses

c) Book New Clients

d) Manage Houses

e) View Stocklist

f) Stock To Replenish

At the intermediate level, the participant will be able to book new clients and manage houses that need to be cleaned or have been cleaned


In order to complete the quest and continue to develop the software, you have to follow the instructions provided in the document entitled 'Cleaning Management - Intermediate' in the resources section.

You should also have to visit the two websites provided entitled:"Six ways a cleaning management software benefits your business" and "Key features to look for in Cleaning business software:Part I". The first resource is a website including guidelines to follow in order to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business. The second resource is a website that focuses on the main features required for a cleaning business to be sucessful . This allows women returners to consider the skills they need to acquire or develop in order to achieve the success goals suggested here and improve their employability.These resources help you understand how the digital transition is slowly emerging in the cleaning industry and how digital and IT skills are increasingly seen as essential in the industry.

Finally you should also listen/watch the video provided entitled "Empowering women through coding". This video is a podcast that focuses on the importance of empowering women and how coding can help them achieve their goals by giving them the confidence and skills to become the person they want to be. The podcast is split into different sections by topics such as "Breaking into a very male-dominated career and why community is an essential element of Geek Pack".




The second step in developing a management system for a cleaning business at the intermediate level is now completed. Now that you have build your coding skills and have a better understanding of what programming entails in particular the need to develop your digital skills even in an industry like the cleaning sector which on the face of it seems to be an activity that is far removed from new technologies and more focused on manual and traditional activities.

You can now move to the advanced level of creating this management system for a cleaning business

Learning Objectives

  • Use Python at intermediary level
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Implement programming knowledge to real life application
  • Improve the code with two new features (Book New clients & Mange Houses) tohelp a cleaning company
  • Develop a cleaning management system software