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Welcome to the intermediate level! If you are reading this, it is because you have completed the beginner level, congratulations for that!

Nowadays, robotics and programming are part of the daily lives in a supermarket, from pick and place robots to more complicated tasks. Understanding how they work is essential for being updated in the labour market.

In Scratch, the way you interact with your program is through sprites.Sprites are objects within your program that you can interact with – you can change the way they act using scripts.

In the template you have been given, many of the sprites have already been given basic scripts, such as the buttons.


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In this example we will code a supermarket software program project which replicates the running of a supermarket business software.

In the previous level (beginners), you have learnt how to enter the name and price of a product, and to display the product and price.

In the intermediate level, you will learn on how to

  • Search for a specific product,
  • Delete specific products;

In the next level, you will learn how to calculate the total bill (advanced level).


In order to complete this task, you are required to explore the Resources section. Let´s go step by step:

Step 1: Go to the Links subsection and read carefully the document titled “Supermarket Software – Intermediate”. This document can be downloaded to your device. There you will be guided in detail on how to search for a specific product and how to delete specific products.

Step 2: You can deepen your knowledge on this level by watching the video titled “Top 5 Scratch tips and tricks”, which is a complementary material, and reading the two articles in the Links subsection called “Creating a positive customer experience course”.

Step 3 (optional): You can improve your soft skills by reading an interesting article available on the Links subsection called “Improve your soft skills course”.




You have completed the intermediate section of the Supermarket software.

By the end of this lesson, your project should look like this ! (Use this if you get stuck) 

You are now ready to move onto the advanced level!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to code a simple supermarket software program, in which staff are able to search for a specific product and delete specific products
  • Gain experience using Scratch
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Enhance digital creativity
  • Develop reasoning skills