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Congratulations! You are now starting the advanced level! By now, you have learnt how to enter the name and price of a product, how to display the product and price, how to search for a specific product and how to delete specific products.

if you are interested in working in the grocery industry, not necessarily a supermarket, it can also be any retail shop, it would be wise to further your skill development through the suggested helpful resources.  


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In this example we will code a supermarket software program project on how to:

  • Calculate the total bill.

Upon the completion of this level, you will have developed a deeper understanding how coding is used in the supermarket sector and the importance of learning new digital tools and competencies, improving your skills.

 After completing the project, , and recapitulating the other levels, you will be able to:

  • Enter the name and price of a product,
  • Display the product and price,
  • Search for a specific product,
  • Delete specific products;
  • Calculate the total bill


In order to complete this task, you are required to explore the Resources section. Let´s go step by step:

Step 1: Go to the Videos subsection and watch the videos titled “Supermarket financial model” and “Add your own shop to any game in Scratch”. These two videos will give you a fair introduction to the topic, as well and looking at this task in perspective.

Step w: Go to the Links subsection and read carefully the document titled “Supermarket Software – Advanced”. This document can be downloaded to your device. There you will be guided in detail on how to calculate the total bill.

Step 3 (optional): Go to the links subsection and read the article titled “Supermarkets in Scratch” and “Training of Employees for Customer service in retail supermarket” to fine tune your soft skills needed for working in a supermarket.




You have completed this Supermarket software project!

By the end of this lesson, your project should look like this ! (Use this if you get stuck) 

Learning Objectives

  • Learning how to code a simple supermarket software program, in which staff are able to calculate the total bill
  • Develop a simple supermarket management software in Scratch
  • Apply creativity and innovative thinking
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Explore new coding concepts in Scratch