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Since the new millennium, solutions, digital tools and methodologies have now been introduced as solutions for restorative dentistry in digital dentistry. Dentistry welcomed the influx of technology adopted from other industries such as aerospace and automotive. The digital tools and methodologies involved in dentistry nowadays are accepted due to their advantages in terms of increased speed, accuracy and efficiency while maintaining high-quality standard. Digitization is also an integral part of dental practice management with dental management software that helps practitioners manage their routine activities. This shows how important it is for a woman returner to develop and learn new digital skills, such as coding, to improve her career opportunities and employability in dentistry.

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented high-level, general-purpose programming language that can be used for a wide scope of applications. Python is considered an excellent first coding language for beginners because of its syntax that resembles that of the English language and because it is a backend programming language, which means that it only has to prepare the data without the difficulty of creating an attractive interface including a good design and everything related to accessibility. It is considered beginner-friendly because it focuses on readability, making it easy to understand and use.

Python is open source and commonly used for developing websites and software. Python can be used for many purposes and its scope of application in real world contexts is unlimited


In this example we will code a project which replicates a simple Dentistry Booking System, used in dental practices.

This project will help you understand how coding is used in the dentistry. In this activity, participants will design a software in which the dentistry staff can:

  • Book Appointments
  • Clear Appointments slots
  • View Booking lists
  • View procedure lists
  • Calculate Bill

In the first part of this project, we are going to program a basic appointment check-in and our system for our dental practice.


In order to complete this task, you need to go to the resources section and find the document entitled: Dentistry Booking System-Beginner. Follow the instructions provided in this document. You are also encouraged to visit the website provided in this resources section: “What is Python used for?A beginner's guide“: this website provides valuable information on how works Python, what can we do with Python and many links to know more about Python.

These resources will help understand the impact of learning Python and how women returners gain confidence in learning digital skills and show them the benefits of coding to increase their employability and job opportunities.

In the resources section you should also watch the videos provided. The first is entitled: "The future of digital dentistry". This video provides an overview of what dentistry will become in the years to come through digitalisation of the practices in this sector.The second video entitled "Why you need Digital skills for lifelong employability and how to build them" shows the benefits of developing digital skill for lifelong employability.



This first step in developing a dentistry booking system at a beginner level is now complete. Through this quest you have become more familiar with coding and how it is used in dentistry.

You have learned to create a program for a basic appointment check-in and check-out system for a dental office.

Congratulations! You can now move on to the intermediate level!!!

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire basic programming skills in Python
  • Develop computational thinking
  • Develop creativity
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Implement programming knowledge to real life application
  • Create a code to help a dental office with a simple Dentistry Booking system
  • Learn to create a code that helps a dental office to book appointments and clear appointments slots