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Congratulations for completing the basic level of the Dentistry Booking System project in Scratch!

In this quest we will continue the dentistry booking system  by adding two more features: View booking lists and View Procedure lists.

This quest will help you develop an understanding of how coding is used in dentistry and how the adoption of new technologies is impacting this industry. In other words, you will learn how to use and develop your IT skills and competencies in dentistry, as the digital transition is already impacting the daily practice of dentistry, especially in the application of computer-assisted technologies.

 Acquiring coding competences contributes to empower women returners in their personal development.


In this example we will code a project which replicates a simple Dentistry Booking System, used in dental practices.

This project will help you understand how coding is used in the dentistry. In this activity, participants will design a software in which the dentistry staff can:

  • Book Appointments
  • Clear Appointments slots
  • View Booking lists
  • View procedure lists
  • Calculate Bill

At the intermediary level, we are going to display the booking and procedure lists to the user.


In order to complete the quest and continue to develop the booking system, you have to follow the instructions provided in the document entitled 'Dentistry Booking System - Intermediate' in the resources section.

You should also visit the website provided entitled:"Digital Transformation in Healthcare in 2022:7 key trends". This website shows how digitalisation impacts the dental sector.This online resource helps to understand the extent to which the digital transition is being integrated into everyday medical practices including the integration of big data, patient management, new disease treatment tools and more.

Then, you should also watch the video entitled "5 Types of Basic Digital Skills for beginners". This video focuses on the key digital skills that beginners need to learn, including digital communication skills, digital social media skills, etc.

The second video entitled :"My top tips for developing soft skills...for Developers". This video emphasises that developing soft skills is crucial for developers, as well as technical skills, if you want to progress in your career.




The second step in developing a dentistry booking system at the intermediate level is now completed. Now that you have developed your coding skills and have a better understanding of what programming entails, there is a need to develop your digital skills, even in the field of dentistry, which embraces new technologies and focuses on using digital tools, software and methods.

You can now move to the advanced level of creating this dentistry booking system

Learning Objectives

  • Apply Scratch programming to the improvement of a simple project at an intermediary level
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Implement programming knowledge to real life application
  • Improve the code to help a dental office to display booking and procedure lists