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Congratulations for getting to the advanced level of the dentistry booking system project!

At this stage of the quest, you will use Scratch at the advanced level to complete the Dentistry booking system. In addition, you will develop a further understanding on how new technologies impact the dental sector and the importance to develop digital skills to meet new skill requirements in this market.

This project provides an understanding of how technology improves the efficiency of manual labor by improving tasks in terms of their time or conduction. By implementing a dentistry booking system for a dental office, you will understand how coding can improve the daily practices in the dental sector and improve their management. In addition, the introduction of new technologies helps to make better decisions when it comes to organizing work.

Finally, this project contributes to realize in concrete contexts what coding can do and to facilitate the understanding of its potential and processes. Being more familiar with coding develops the ability to envision new opportunities and problem-solving skills.

Ultimately, this project supports the development of women's creativity, confidence, communication, and critical thinking skills, which are essential soft skills for personal development and new career opportunities.


This project will  help you develop an understanding how coding is used in dentistry. As part of the activity, participants will design a software in which the dentistry staff will be able to;

  a) Book Appointments

  b) Clear Appointment slots

  c) View Booking Lists

  d) View Procedure Lists

  e) Calculate Bill

In this last stage of the coding project, we are going to allow the user to calculate an invoice for their patients.


In order to complete the quest and create the software, you have to follow the instructions in the document titled 'Dentistry Booking System -Advanced' in the resources section.

In the resources section you will find resources to support the improvement of your interpersonal skills and career opportunities in the dental sector.

Now that you have reached the advanced level and know how coding can women returners, you should check the resources provided:

First of all, you should watch the videos provided in this section, which focus on interpersonal and soft skills.  The "Improve your interpersonal skills" and "Soft skills for Career success" videos highlight why migrant women should develop their interpersonal and soft skills.

Then, you should visit the two webpages provided: "15 Dental assistant skills that every dentist's assistant must have" and "Women in dentistry changing the industry". Both resources support women returners to know what skills to develop and why they should become more involved in dentistry.



You have learned how to create a dentistry booking system in Pyhton you are now ready to fully complete your tasks and fulfill your coding potential!

You have learned how to:

  • Book Appointments
  • Clear Appointment slots
  • View Booking Lists
  • View Procedure Lists
  • Calculate Bill

You have also gained a better understanding of the importance of  digital and soft skills in the dental sector

Learning Objectives

  • Use Scratch at advanced level
  • Improve ICT skills
  • Finalize the project aimed at helping a dental office with a new feature (Calculate bill)
  • Understand variables and data in Scratch
  • Understand programming/coding as a basic tool in our present society
  • Know how to code simple projects with Scratch
  • Develop a range of coding and problem-solving skills applied to real-world situation